5 May


They say you never left me, but you’re definitely not here

They say time heals all wounds, but after how many years?

They say there is a reason, but we know that’s not true

Who steals a baby from the parents he knew?


They say God only gives you what you can handle

But what if he guessed wrong and I’m really not that strong?

What if I give up cause I’m sick of the tests?

Would you feel guilty or love me less?

Would you judge me like all of the rest?


No I’m not okay,  please,
I beg you, stop asking me that

I lost a child, a piece of my soul, an individual I birthed
all on my own

You can’t relate, please stop trying

If your child is here, then you only know the fear

The reality is worse than the combination of all bad things across
all of your years


A mother and brother is a loss of its own, but a child is in
a category all of its own

You can support me best by saying his name, sharing his
story, and feeling my pain

Uncomfortable, yes, but you’ll just have to deal

Imagine being us with this perpetual feel?


Burying a child is the most unnatural of events

It defies logic, reason, and all common sense

It was the cards we were given and I guess the house won

But the memories are mine of the worlds greatest son


I’ve been entrusted with your legacy as a child with no

I will spend every last breath to ensure you are heard

You are my angle, my darling, my very best friend

In the end we will be together again


They say you never left me, so ill find you in my heart

They say time heals all wounds,  but I’m still torn apart

They say there is a reason,  and I know they are wrong

Who breaks the souls of two parents who can never be whole?  


By teddy’s mommy

I love you to the moon and back Teddyman- Ill never let anyone forget you