She was dumb and lazy. While the rest of us were working
like dogs she was held up in her hotel room with “headaches.”  It was amazing; she always managed to make
the client-sponsored trip to NYC, yet once she got there, boom! instant
headache. I was sure she was touring the city, eating food paid for by her
expense account and doing none of the work she was suppose to. How do I know
that? Cause we were doing her work.  While I stand by the fact that she was dumb
and lazy- there’s a point to this story that changed and touched my life


He wore purple every Thursday. He walked a little slower
than everyone else. He seemed to let everything roll off his back. He was more
experienced, more talented, and more capable than his superiors- but he never
said a peep.  He talked about his
daughter like she descended from the sky- as a true gift from Gods. He was kind-he
loved his wife, and believed in work-life balance. He wasn’t like the rest of
us- he was calm and just took things as they came. I liked everything about him
except for the fact that he defended her. He would say things like, “you never
know what’s going on in her personal life” or 
“wouldn't we feel awful if something really was wrong” or “I would hope
you guys would cover for me if I needed it.” But I figured even the best people
are entitled to their flaws- so we agreed to disagree.


We spent a lot of time together. Walking to and from our
hotel, waiting in airports, client meetings, dinners, and the occasional
Broadway show. We were friends, we still are. I enjoyed our conversations but
it was one random topic that changed it all. We were talking about middle names
and his daughters came up for some reason. Her middle initial was “J” so naturally,
I asked –  “Joshua” he said. So I asked
him, “who’s she named after?” He said, “my son.” I was stunned.


I guess I had always assumed he only had one child. He never
mentioned a son. But he had one, a handsome young boy who lost his battle to
cancer named Joshua. And suddenly it all made sense. Defending her, taking life
a little bit slower, never wavering on his convictions. He was a man that knew
life, he had lived, experienced the very worst- and he had perspective none of
us could imagine. That conversation never left me. That boy Joshua and his dad
Sammy, never left me. May Teddy never leave you because he will never leave me.


I love you to the moon and back Teddy Fish, until we need
again- remember that.