For those that were unable to attend, this is what I read at Teddy's funeral yesterday. He deserved to hear this from his mommy. Can't wait to see you again Nugget.

Dear Teddy,

Mommy could never say good-bye.
There will never be a good-bye for us. You are my baby, my first-born, the son
I prayed for. You are the light of my life, my reason for being, my angel. For
us, there are no good-byes

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because while you have left me physically,

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you are
forever in my heart, memories, and soul. When mommy carried your body, it was
just that, your body- not the soul of my superhero baby who touched the world-
and imprinted on the hearts of too many to count. So I refuse to say good-bye,
because your soul lives on- in mommy and daddy and everyone else you impacted.

Instead, this letter is to say
“thank you”- thank you for allowing me to be your mommy, and thank you for
being you- my little nugget that inspired an army. I learned so much about you
in one year- including a lifetimes worth in 5 days. And I know you could hear me when I was
talking to you- but I’ll tell you again, you made me so proud, and you will
continue to make me proud. You were fighting a battle you couldn’t win- and you
gave it hell. You sat there- and you fought- like the toughest of tough
warriors. You looked menkes in the face and doubled-down, you looked it square
in the eyes and gave them your dimple smile; gums and shark-teeth included- and
you kept on fighting. We couldn’t be any
more honored to see that my stubbornness and daddy’s determination lives in you. But I need to thank you for more than your
fight- while it gave me more time to cuddle with you, my very best friend in
this world, the other 376 days of your short but perfect existence can’t go
without mention.

Thank you for teaching me how to love- a love
that I learned the day I got you. A love that has no boundaries- no limits- a
love that

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only a mother could know. A love that will be with me forever-

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your name all over it.

Thank you for teaching me the value of freedom-
freedom from illness, death, life’s’ fears, and especially pants.

Thank you for teaching

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strength. Strength to
smile through the pain- even when every day is painful. Strength to giggle
through life’s unconquerable obstacles, strength to grow in ways people didn’t
think possible. Like daddy said, you really made him and his ingrown toenail
woes look pretty weak.

Thank you for teaching me the value of life- its
not the number of days on this earth- but the number of days you spend in the
arms of the people you really love- and who love you back more than you will
ever know.

But most of all- thank you for reserving the
best smiles just for mommy and daddy- and for always making it very well known that
your very strong preference was to be held by mommy – and mommy only.

Teddy, you found a way to do
everything they said you wouldn’t do.
They said you would never talk- yet you talked to me with your eyes and
smiles everyday. They said you would never walk- but you walked away with my
heart and soul. They said you wouldn’t live past three- and you’ve forever been
immortalized as superhero. You have more friends than mommy and daddy combined,
you have more instagram followers than any b-list celebrity, and even Tom Brady
is now copying the signature “teddy-do.” So baby boy- thank you for changing
the world, my world and the world of so many others. Thank you for serving a
lifetimes worth of lessons

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in 376 days. Thank you for being a constant reminder
for everyone in this room and outside of what perspective is. Life is not how much money you make, the
number of hours you work or a fancy car, life if the number of moments you
spend smiling and pant-less.

Teddy Fish- I have no doubt you are
already the most popular little nugget in heaven. I know all the old ladies are
fighting over holding you- and my advice to you is this- wait for mommy- she
holds you the best. Instead, focus on
enjoying the food you could never eat, running around like you never could, and
watching over mommy and daddy- and the Patriots too (that request is for

Mommy and Daddy love you to the
moon and back Teddy Fish-We will never let anyone forget you. Fly high big guy-
superhero high.