I wrote this poem for my Teddy and all other kinky-haired superheroes out there…those still fighting- and those soaring in heaven with my precious nugget. #FUmenkes.
Love you to the moon and back Teddy Fish. I'll never let anyone forget you.  



I heard your heartbeat and mine skipped.

I heard your first cry and I sighed.

I felt your touch and the tears flowed,

My baby had arrived.


Every smile touched my soul,

Your toothy grin implanting on the hearts of so many.

A little boy with bright eyes- and eyelashes that reached
the sky.


You were born perfect, but science would disagree.

A single cell mutation they said would limit your abilities.

But you were a warrior of legendary status-

Fueled on kisses and love, your kinky hair soared above.


With a dimple on your chin, and two in your cheeks

You taught life lessons that will never leave.

You reminded so many to cherish the day, seize the moment,
get carried away.

A frail body with so much strength, a beautiful life with
not enough length.


I heard your heart stop beating as I held on tight.

I heard you take your last breath as you walked towards the

I felt your touch go cold, and the departing of your soul,
as you left this earth to hang with angels.


I love you to the moon and back

Until we meet again- remember that. 

xo, mommy (Mary Fish)