When I went to the Long Island Medium what seems like
forever ago, I glossed over a pretty important part of the night. The Medium
was looking for two boys that were connected, not by blood…. but by something
else. As she described, one was younger, one was much older– and they were
together. To the left of me that night sat the Colarussos, Steve, Judy, and Ali.
I hadn’t known them the year before- never even heard their names. But as a
tell my single friends, a lot can change in a year…


Just a few months prior, I was sitting on a couch at my parents’
house holding my beautiful baby boy, Judy was at the cemetery visiting her
beautiful boy. At that very moment, standing in the room with me- my sister
gave Judy a call. It was that call that has forever changed my life. In all of
the darkness and pain came some sort of godly olive branch… or better yet, gift
from Nick.


We called that day because we needed someone to care for
Teddy a few days a week. And as the parents out there with medically complex
children know all too well…people don’t walk or run- but sprint in the other
direction when it comes to care for these children. But not Judy. She had been
there- taken care of her own medically complex child. She knew medicine,
feeding tubes, bathing- she was an expert. And not of the nursing kind- but of
the mommy nation kind, the ones that live it day in and day out- and can give a
better injection and fix a pump quicker than any trained medical professional. I
found the holy grail of care providers- and the whole time she was only a town


My sister had worked with Judy and ensured me I would love
her- which is a bold statement as many of you know. But I met her- and I LOVED her-
and honestly, I couldn’t wrap my head around how she came to be sitting in
front of me. But then she told me…. When my sister had called her she was at
her son Nick’s grave asking for help. She was about to start a new job and just
needed something else… and then phone rang.  So for several months, Judy cared for and
loved my Teddyman. And as all women know- and some will even admit- it’s not a
good spouse that keeps managing it all possible, but good child care. And in
the saddest of situations- I had found the best. And it wasn’t just Judy- I got
the whole family in ridiculously fabulous 3 for 1 deal. Her husband Steve and daughter
Ali- they all cared for and loved him- the whole family.


During Teddy’s final week, Judy came several times to give
her love and say her goodbyes.  It was
then that I asked my sister to relay another important message- Royce was on
the way and she needed Judy too.  Now
Teddy could never give her a name, but Roycie sure did- JUJU. And boy does
Roycie love her Juju… Every morning when Judy walks in, Royce runs at her like
a teenager chasing Bieber.  But that’s
probably because Judy isn’t a child care provider- she’s family. She’s a third grandmother
(a very young one, right Judy?). She spoils her rotten, she loves her to the
end of the earth, and we love her and her whole family right back.


So this thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the angel that
brought us together- and the two angles that now look over us….those two boys
that are connected- not by blood but by something else. I didn’t choose the
Colarusso’s and they didn’t choose us- Nick did. And for as long as I live, I
will love them to the moon and back.



I love you to the moon and back Teddy Fish. I’ll never let
anyone forget you…